Why I should get admission in Certified Financial & Management Advisor (CFMA)?

Professional Certification & Membership Benefits:

  • SOAE is a recognized Government of Punjab (Societies Registration Act), registered body.
  • Membership categories, Associate, Fellow with Practicing License (COP).
  • Well versed SOAE live website where rich of information and e-learning.
  • Our research and development tool is “Financial Accountant Journal” being issued quarterly.
  • Continuing professional education seminars, forums, conferences and lectures.
  • Betterment in professional career with good job prospects.
  • SOAE has various affiliation with the professional accounting bodies.
  • Low educational cost as compare to other professional qualification.
  • E Learning resource available on the website.
  • Model Papers have been developed and available on website.
  • Fast stream (CBE) exams system, examination terms July and January every year.
  • Membership Card is issued to the successful members.
  • Member’s profile is updated in the Online Member’s Directory.

Strong and Potential Career Growth

The Certified Financial & Management Advisor impart gives you an effective edge in the competitive world of Accountancy and Financial Management. Certified Financial & Management Advisor (CFMA) communicates knowledge, proficiency and capability. This provides you the advantage throughout your career:

  • Your vision to handle the diverse problems in a simplest way.
  • Your earning potential increases.
  • Your intellectual learning, deep knowledge enhances the capacity.
  • Career progression opportunities are more accessible to you.
  • Your career flexibility alternates & choices expand in virtually all the business segments.
  • Your personality grooming, and improves confidence level in the Market.

Professional Competency and Credibility

The Society of Accounting Education is registered under Pakistani Laws and has accreditations all over the world.

Continuing Professional Development

Continuous support and backup information / material are available to members through the Society’s website. International standards are one example of the changing environment that members must continually keep themselves informed about.

What’s the Legal Position of The Society of Accounting Education?

The Society of Accounting Education (SOAE) has been established in August 2010 under a license from Registrar Joint Stock Companies, Lahore, Province of Punjab, Pakistan under the Societies Registration Act 1860 (Section XXI).

What is the Certified Financial & Management Advisor Program?

The Certified Financial & Management Advisor Program has been designed to provide quality education in the Accountancy and Financial Management, starting from Graduation Level to Certification. At the initial stage, only cases were obliged having full exemption of academics under the criteria defined in the byelaws of The Society of Accounting Education, Executive Council will be supreme body to evaluate all the cases for certification, its associate and fellow memberships will be awarded to the students meeting the required criteria, the memberships will spread and develop the network among the members within & across Pakistan and internationally with proven capability in their chosen profession.

What are the Syllabus Outlines, Class Room and Credit Hours of Certified Financial & Management Advisor Program?

Certified Financial & Management Advisor Syllabus has been uploaded on the website.

What are the criteria of exemptions?

Full Academic Course Waiver is available to the following qualification:

  • CA (Pakistan)
  • CMA (Pakistan)
  • ACCA (UK)
  • CIMA (UK)
  • ACPA (USA)
  • And equivalent national/foreign qualification.

Exemptions are available to the following qualification, in addition to having experience at the middle level at least for 5 years finance field experience, as per exemption policy approved by The Executive Council of The Society of Accounting Education:

  • M.Com (HEC Approved)
  • MBA
  • B.Com (Hons)
  • B.B.A (Hons)
  • MSc Economic
  • M Phil / MS Programs
  • ICSP

All exemption cases are finalized by the Executive Council, on case to case basis and nobody can challenge the decision of the EC. So, EC decision will be deemed final.
For more detail please see the exemption chart available on website.

Who can become Certified Financial & Management Advisor?

  • Intermediate passed interested to build a career in the field of accountancy, financial management, and taxation.
  • Professional like Chartered Accountants, Cost and Management Accountants, Chartered Secretaries and Banking Diploma Holders, Certified Financial Consultants, Public Finance Accountants and its equivalent certifications and degrees.
  • MBAs / M.Com / Master of Economics / Master of Business Education / Master of E-Commerce.
  • Professional and Executives in Financial, Banking, Insurance and Investment Sectors.
  • Professionals of Public / Private Sectors.
  • Professionals of Development Sectors like NGOs / Donors / Funding Agencies etc.

What is the Duration of Certified Financial & Management Advisor Program?

24 Months (Four Levels, each of 6 months).

Who is eligible for this Program?

Intermediate passed (from any disciplines) are eligible to enroll into the Certified Financial & Management Advisor Program and professional academic qualification, as per Admission Policy of The Society of Accounting Education.

What is the Society of Accounting Education Official Website?


Is there Scholarship / Financial Assistance Program Available in the Society for relaxation in Certified Financial & Management Advisor Program dues?

Our Financial Assistance program offers scholarship and relaxation in the total fee package, all such cases are recommended by A & S Board and approved by the Executive Council.

Where the SOAE are located?

Presently, SOAE has the following offices in Lahore:

  • Address: (I) Registered Office of The Society of Accounting Education E-146/2, Street No.6, Yasrab Colony, Walton Road, Lahore Cantt.
  • Tel:
  • Cell No: 0323-8861161
  • Email: info@soae.edu.pk

What is the Official Email ID of the SOAE?

  • Email: info@soae.edu.pk

How we can get Certificate of Practice and in which areas, Practicing Certified Financial & Management Advisor can work?

Certificate of Practice (COP) is issued by The Society of Accounting Education to its Certified Financial & Management Advisor Members after completing three year’s post qualification experience and fulfilling the other requisite formalities laid down in the bylaws of SOAE.

The By the virtue of COP the Certified Financial & Management Advisor Members can start practice in the following core areas:

  • Business Literacy
  • Bookkeeping to Trial Balance
  • Outsourcing Payroll
  • Inventory
  • Management Models
  • Payroll and Monthly SARS Returns
  • Computerized Bookkeeping
  • Financial Statements
  • Cost and Management Accounting
  • Income Tax Returns
  • Business Law and Accounting Control
  • Corporate Strategy & Project Feasibilities
  • Management Accounting Control Systems
  • Financial Reporting and Regulatory Frameworks
  • Financial Consultancy
  • Financial Trainings
  • Sales Tax
  • Returns
  • Project Costing
  • Financial Bids for the Foreign Funded Projects
  • Business Plan
  • Financial Manual
  • To frame the Financial Rules / Policies for the Organizations
  • Any other areas approved under the byelaws of SOAE.

What are examination pattern of Certified Financial & Management Advisor?

CBE plus on Centers, approved by the Executive Council of SOAE.

What are the terms of Examination?

Bi Annual July & January of each year.

Can we get certification from the Affiliated Institutions?

Yes you can get certifications from the affiliated bodies of SOAE on reciprocal / credit transfer basis. Details available on the affiliation link of the website.


What is the Examination Outlines?

The examinations are of comprehensive nature, ensuring coverage of knowledge and skills required for financial managers, accountants and auditors in industry, public and private sector institutions. Model papers of all the subjects are available on the website.

Exam of each course consist of two parts:

Part One (Time: One Hour : MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) )

It is of CBE (Computer Based Examination) nature and comprise of 100 MCQs that cover the whole syllabus and take into account the attainment of professional knowledge required in practical situations.

Part Two (Time: Two Hours : Essay/Case Studies)

It contains the questions from case studies relevant to the practical application of the skills required by the course.

What are the Learning Outcome Statements?

The Certified Financial & Management Advisor program is designed to provide the core concepts of accounting principles, costing, financial reporting and financial management. In addition, the course provides a deep knowledge of the disciplines, such as auditing, corporate governance, total quality management, corporate performance evaluation, financial planning and taxation.

On completion of the program, students have attained a solid working knowledge of:

  • Key elements of generally accepted accounting principles and their application in real-world situations.
  • Preparation of a balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows.
  • Accounting for asset, liability, equity, revenue, and expense accounts that comprise the balance sheet and income statement.
  • Financial ratios and other techniques used to analyze financial statements.
  • Concepts and principles in other related accounting and finance fields, such as auditing, budgeting, taxation, and financial planning.

Requirements to become member of various professional affiliated bodies?

For admission as an Associate Member a student must be at least 20 years old and must show to the satisfaction of the Council that:

  • He or she has passed the Society’s examinations.
  • He or she has at least three years experience in the field of Accountancy & Finance, gained before or after, or partly before and after passing the Society Examinations.
  • He or she is member of affiliated bodies who are in agreement with SOAE for award for membership on reciprocal basis.
  • He or she meet the exemption criteria as approved by the Executive Council of The SOAE.
  • Sales Tax
  • Returns
  • Project Costing
  • Financial Bids for the Foreign Funded Projects
  • Business Plan
  • Financial Manual
  • To frame the Financial Rules / Policies for the Organizations
  • Any other areas approved under the byelaws of SOAE.

A member may only represent as such when in possession of a valid Certificate of Associate or Fellow Membership.

How we can admitted as an Associate Member of Certified Financial & Management Advisor ?

A person may be admitted as an Associate Member upon passing the Certified Financial & Management Advisor Courses or upon fulfillingthe conditions laid down in clauses 2(b), 3,4 and 5 and shall be entitled to use the professional designatory letter (ACFMA)

How we can admitted as a Fellow Member of Certified Financial & Management Advisor (FCFMA)?

An Associate member of the Society who has attained the practical experience described in clause 5 (a) of these presents aggregating to at least five years or more shall be entitled to use designation Fellow to use the designatory letter (FCFMA).