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President's Message

By the grace of Almighty Allah and blessings of his Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH), we established The Society of Accounting of Education (SOAE) to promote comparative and international studies in the field of Accountancy & Finance in Pakistan.

At present SOAE is offering Certified Financial Accountant (CFAc) professional memberships and launched various certificate / diploma courses on distant learning as well self study. Intellectual resource is available for the students with login / password on the website.


CFAc Unique Program

07 September 2014

The Certified Financial Accountant Program offered by SOAE is different in design, structure, scope, content, method of examinations and registered independently meeting the legal requirements of their own countries and...

Placement of CFAc Members at UAE on CFO Positions

07 September 2014

Now CFAc Members of SOAE are being placed at CFO Positions at UAE. Because CFAc certificate is being attested from The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and UAE Embassy. Now Opportunities...

Education Access to Lower, Average Poor, Middle Class

07 September 2014

Very competitive fee package for International Level Certification Award. It gives access to the Lower, Average, Poor, Middle, Lower Middle Class.

Certificate / Diploma Courses

07 September 2014

Certificate / Diploma Courses has been launched by The Society of Accounting Education on Distant Learning Basis. Details available on the website.


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SOAE - Affiliations / Recognitions

The Society of Accounting Education (SOAE) has affiliations / recognitions with the following foreign professional accounting and financial management bodies.